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Penkit is a broadly DEFi project that aims to tap into underutilised human capital and enabling growth in the real economy through innovation. It has been apparent that regulators and banks focus on consumer care, as these people can vote, whilst small businesses are as not much focused on. The Penkit's plan is to offer affordable, but scalable solutions for small businesses. The product and service portfolio includes DeFi and micro asset securitization with alternative asset cash flow characteristics, content share, carbon-storing-and-risk-sharing facilities, digitalized securities/assets/communications, supply chain asset tracking systems and infrastructure DEFI. We also have concept-level tech products to manage direct-index digital asset investing but with researched balancing strategy. We also have something exciting in the pipeline as a real economy service that small and medium-sized businesses usually cannot access. We also can operate a Solana validator node for investors looking for alternative cashflows.

Penkit very happily leverages versatile Solana and Google cloud infrastructure.

QUESTIONS? Send a note to "tech @penkit.fi".


Decentralised science is a concept of distributed and collaborative approach to conducting scientific research and knowledge generation that leverages technology such as blockchain and peer-to-peer networks to enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency. The goal is to reduce the dependence on centralised institutions and to allow for more participation and contributions of research or resources from a wider range of people and organisations. It can also serve as a more accessible network for ideas for entrepreneurs and growth. Penkit is pioneering in this area and is first introducing a YouTube channel to make audio files using an immersive reader of academic research papers. We hope to receive academic contributions by sending an SSRN link to your paper. These are then simply narrated. The only edits done are the cutting of materials that are not helpful to listen.

As we do not have the time resources, currently, to summarise these files and using that material as it is without the authors’ permission will be a copyright infringement, please send your SSRN paper link to so_me@penkit.fi from your institutional email address titling the email as “Youtube DESCI”.

We will at some point move to see how scientific discoveries, especially breakthrough discovery research, which is considered riskier, can be supported monetarily using DEFI.

In case you wonder...

Wondering about our roadmap? We have a view, what direction we want to go, but how to do this depends on market demand priorities, available resources and support. Tech/operational components have conditionalities.


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